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Built by bankers for bankers, Accurate Property Tax is a cutting-edge B2B SaaS enterprise software powered by AI, ML, and LLMs. It is designed to help mitigate property tax risks, ensure legal compliance, and streamline banking operations. Our innovative technology accurately predicts property tax bills, eliminating the potential for mortgage lending bias, redlining, risk, and payment shocks.

The Property Tax Disclosure Report© gives you: 1. Seamless Compliance Assurance: Avoid penalties and errors by automating property tax compliance and ensuring accurate reporting with our Predictive Property Tax Disclosure Report and Software. 2. Informed Decision Empowerment: Make swift lending decisions with clearer property tax predictive data from our Property Tax Disclosure Report, enhancing control and efficiency. 3. Enhanced Customer Service: Provide timely property tax liability information on the Loan Estimate (LE), enabling customers to budget effectively and plan for financial obligations. 4. Competitive Edge Amplification: Reduce costs through streamlined processes and automation, gaining a competitive advantage with superior property tax compliance experiences for customers.

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Accurate AI, ML & LLM Math

Reduces Guesswork, Incorrect Math, Human Error

Reduced Your Legal Risks

Lenders, Investors, Title, Escrow

Saves You Time & Tons of Money

Property Tax Predictive Analysis & Reports

Single Source Data

3,140 Counties

Enterprise & Cloud-Based Solutions

Speed and Ease

Standardized Automation Flow

Saves You Money, Overhead

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Our Vision, Mission & D.E.I. motto


Our vision is to standardize and automate the property tax disclosure process, and bring reality to underwriting decisions on every purchase file.


Our mission is to bring clarity to everyone wanting to own a home.

Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)

Accurate Property Tax Inc. is 100% commitment to transparent, non-discriminatory lending and employment practices. We are LGTBQ+ owned and operated and celebrate diversity every day.

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SS (New Jersey) "Accurate Property Tax Inc's software is a game-changer for banks, offering unparalleled accuracy in property tax predictions and seamless compliance management, all tailored to the industry's needs. It's a must-have tool for any financial institution looking to enhance property tax risk mitigation." JM (Senior UW in Miami) "We have guessed the new property tax rate forever but it's always a bit off! Precision Property Tax Pro makes my job easier!"

MC (CRO in Austin) "Our disclosures and DTI are better with APT."

SS (UW in NYC) "I have run 1000's of tax reports and find APT very easy to use and saves us lot of time too."

MJ (CRO in San Francisco) "I'm always swamped but consider risk management our #1 issue. APT is a fast tool that helps us..."