"After the thousandth phone call from an angry client whose new property tax bill was higher than they planned for, I knew we needed a better system. In my 30 years of mortgage lending, I had gotten tired of seeing my clients’ applications getting turned down or, worse, watching them get stuck with a property tax bill that was thousands of dollars more expensive than they expected. I was sick of losing clients and deals because of the standard mortgage approval and pre-approval practice that relies on property tax state or county averages and guessing instead of hard data.
So why does this happen in the first place? The home-buying process is heavily facts driven. Mortgage loan officers and underwriters look at hard numbers: credit scores, principal, interest, buyer income, new home insurance quotes, and buyer debts. But when it comes to new property tax bill and assessment when buying a home, limited technology, and confusing tax policies across the 3,000+ counties and 19,000 cities in the United States mean that the property tax estimate can only be based on an average. In other words, it’s a guess."
Our software systems seamlessly integrates with your current software to auto-populate the new estimated property tax amount on your purchase mortgage, title, and escrow disclosures. Our passion is to eliminate guessing on this critical loan number, save you and your buyers money and processing time, lower your overall risk exposure, while increasing your annual ROI in time savings. Simple put, our property tax disclosure report will change real estate forever.
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With more than 30 years in real estate and mortgage lending, Accurate Property Tax's Precision Pro software is designed and built by lenders for lender

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Started with ambition and a dream about a better life.

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The power of applied intelligence.


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